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Double bloom grow
by Hempmaker

Unique in its category

Simultaneous cultivation of cuttings, young plants and plants in the flowering phase!

Imagine how much more efficiently you could grow cannabis without having to wait for different growth phases. Thanks to Double Bloom Grow you achieve maximum results while saving time and energy. Discover a new dimension in plant cultivation!

Proof of concept
Innovation & Technology

Double Bloom Grow

The Double Bloom Grow by Hanfmaker, revolutionizes the cultivation of cannabis through its ability to cultivate cuttings, young plants and plants in the growth and flowering phase simultaneously. The cuttings (topping) for the next generation are obtained from the young plants. There is also an area for drying the harvested plants. This versatility offers maximum flexibility and efficiency for every grower.

  • Low noise and odor:
    The high-quality ventilation ensures the best climate for your plants. The built-in air silencer and an additionally insulated fan box guarantee virtually silent operation. A generously selected active carbon filter eliminates unwanted odors and supports air circulation. So you can grow your own cannabis discreetly and undisturbed.


  • Two time zones:
    Two controllable time zones allow you to adjust the light and darkness pattern individually. This means you can easily meet the requirements of the plants' development stages with just one click.


  • Semi-permanent irrigation for up to 7 daysThe semi-automatic irrigation systems of the Hemp Maker kits enable automated irrigation for up to 7 days. This minimizes the maintenance effort, while your plants are optimally supplied with water. We use Aqua Boxes in which the roots are optimally supplied with oxygen through the constant water circulation. Draining the fertilizer one week before harvesting allows optimal final irrigation with clear water so that no fertilizer residues are left in the finished product.


  • Starter package by Hanfmaker: In addition to the right watering, hemp maker kits also contain the right nutrients and substrates to promote the healthy growth of your plants. So nothing stands in the way of your successful cultivation.
Switch box
Main switch
Individual control
Digital timer
12h & 18h
(optional wifi app control)

3 x Aquabox
Terra Aquatica Cultimate
17 liters / 4 watts
Water reservoir

3 x fans
Garden Highpro
Clip: 5 Watt

Tube fan
Solar & Palau
Super Silent
Air silencer
2x LED
Sanlight EVO 4-80, 250 Watt
Flower lamps, BLOOM
Activated carbon filter
Carbon Active granules

Air inlet
Replaceable filter fleece

1 x LED
Mars Hydro
TS 1000 - 150 Watt
GROW growth lamp

1 x LED
Sanlight QW1
Dimmer, 50 Watt
Cuttings lighting GROW

3 x LED
Sanlight Flex 10, 30 Watt
Bloom flower lamps