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that make you
Bringing into bloom

Space-saving and practical: Double Bloom Grow
For a high-end extension that will even make your closet green with envy.

Just one click away

Video Double Bloom Grow - Kits that make you bloom

For beginners, pros and
ultimate grower

Hemp maker offers three innovative home cannabis growing solutions tailored to different levels of experience:

Single Bloom is the simple set-up for anyone who wants to start growing cannabis in a space-saving way.

Single Bloom Grow for increased efficiency with the unique hemp maker Grow-Bloom cycle.

Double Bloom Grow is our top seller for growers who strive for high yields.

Single Bloom
The perfect start
Starter package
Online support 3 months
Single Bloom Grow
The flawless pro
Starter package
Online support 3 months
Double Bloom Grow
The ultimate cultivation solution
Starter package
Online support 3 months

Green fingers guaranteed
For a high-quality indoor experience

Unique in the segment

With Double Bloom Grow Simultaneous cultivation of cuttings, young plants and plants in the flowering phase!

Best brand products

Make your plants look prettier than ever before.

Engineering meets love of plants

Our goal: to be the best. Come with us on this exciting journey.

Starter set included!

Plants are the real VIPs - with our starter set we make sure they feel like one too!

Two light zones

User-friendly control and efficient functionality.

The plants with Hempmaker
harvest your dreams

Discover a new era of hemp cultivation with Hempmaker - your reliable companion for outstanding results and optimal plant growth.

Sophisticated ventilation concept

Our system is designed to ensure optimal air circulation and humidity, resulting in healthier plants and higher yields.

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High-quality materials

Our kits are designed with the highest quality components to ensure durability and reliability, designed for long-term use.

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Easy handling

Thanks to our well thought-out design, the hemp maker is easy to install and use after assembly, even for beginners in hemp cultivation.

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Double Bloom Grow CAD, kits that make you bloom

Everything for your
Perfect cultivation project

Our kits have not only been developed in theory, but have also undergone many years of testing. Because for successful cannabis cultivation at home, sound know-how and a well thought-out system are crucial in order to create optimal conditions, achieve the highest quality and high-yield harvests.

Double Bloom Grow living room, kits that make you bloom

Innovative solutions for home extensions with PAX wardrobes from Ikea

Learn how to turn standard Ikea Pax cabinets into productive, efficient and discreet cannabis growing environments.

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Good mood, good harvest! Simply better.

Harvest not only high-quality flowers, but also a good mood while you watch the plants grow.

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Create optimal conditions for top quality!

Turn your passion into a successful harvest with our kits. Every aspect of growing is thought through to ensure you get the best possible quality and yields.

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Start your own cannabis cultivation at home at home with our kits

Hanfmaker is your partner for high-quality home cannabis growing solutions. Our kits provide everything you need to start and maintain your own cannabis grow, even without specialist knowledge.
Seed & Grow:
Plant the seeds,
give them love
and light to grow.
Bloom & Harvest:
The path to full
splendor, harvest the
Fruits of your patience.
Enjoy & Repeat:
Enjoy the taste
your work, Ready
for the next round?

We bring hemp cultivation
to a new level
and to your home!

At Hempmaker, we offer you everything you need to easily grow cannabis at home. When you order a kit like our popular Double Bloom Home, we'll provide you with all the components you need to set up your indoor grow facility.

It is important to note that the IKEA Pax components must be ordered separately directly from IKEA according to our specifications.

Packages, boxes, accessories, kits that make you bloom

How our kits work. With hemp maker
you simply harvest at home

Cultivation, breeding, flowering

From seed germination to harvest, we're with you every step of the way on your growing journey. Our experts are on hand to help you with questions about growing, breeding and flowering to ensure you get the best out of your plants.

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Hemp maker kits come with clear and easy to follow assembly instructions. All components are carefully selected and ready for assembly. In the protected online area you will find detailed instructions to ensure a smooth assembly.

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Efficient ventilation is crucial for the growth of healthy plants. With high-quality fans, carbon filters and silencers, we ensure optimum air circulation and eliminate unwanted odors. So that your plants always get the fresh air they need.

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The kits contain powerful LED lights and a hemp maker control box with timers for 2 different light zones. This allows you to adapt the light spectrum perfectly to the needs of your plants and thus ensure optimum growth in every phase.

More experience


Operation and maintenance

Ease of use and regular maintenance is crucial to the long-term success of your grow. We offer support and tips to ensure your hemp maker kit runs smoothly and you achieve maximum yields.

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Proper watering is fundamental for healthy and strong plants. Our large pots provide space for the roots and ensure even moisture. We also offer watering accessories to ensure that your plants are always optimally supplied.

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Plant care and harvesting

We offer tips and advice on plant care so that your plants grow healthy and strong. When it's time to harvest, we'll help you pick and enjoy your precious buds.

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Hemp maker is a magnificent indoor hemp experience with an engineering twist!

Seed & Grow - Bloom & Harvest - Enjoy & Repeat: Hemp maker kits ensure an optimal environment for the growth of your cannabis plants through efficiency and simplicity. We emphasize innovative technologies, eco-friendly materials and detailed instructions to ensure you achieve the best possible results.

Double Bloom Grow in apartment, kits that make you bloom

Grow your green
Happiness in the cupboard

At Hempmaker you will find everything you need to make your own cannabis harvest easy and successful. Order your Hempmaker kit today and start your indoor grow adventure!

We don't take hemp lightly

Quality, know-how and tools for your own cannabis cultivation at home. Immerse yourself in our world where creativity, innovation and a love of plants are paramount. Ready for a cannabis experience that really matters? Let's grow together!

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